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20W LED Flood Light

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  • 20W LED Flood Light
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  • 200W LED Flood Light with Light Sensor
  • 1000W LED Flood Lighting Fixture; 1000W LED light

Product Abstract:

20W LED Flood Lights, LED outdoor lighting fixture IP65 LED flood light,COB BridgeLux LED chips, CE & RoHS certificates, 3 years warranty

Product Description

New LED flood light 20W to replacement Mercury Halide & HPS Bulb flood light 60W

Core Features:                                                                                                   

1. Light body: Aluminum Fins Heatsink +Tempered Glass Cover+silicon rubber sealing gasket
2. 45mil 110-120lm/W high brightness BridgeLux LEDs
3. UL approval Mean Well driver
4. Finished with epoxy powder paint,resistant to corrosion.
5. Unique aluminum fins sheet heat sink design, better for heat disspation, extent LED flood light lifespan
6. CE & RoHS certified, comply with UL certificated
7. Different color available
8. Warranty; 2 years or 3 years
9. Full range series LED flood lights, available in 10Watt, 20Watt, 30Watt, 50Watt, 80Watt, 100Watt, 120Watt, 150Watt, 160Watt, 200Watt models availbe for your choice

Products Parameters                                                                                             

landscape LED lighting, led flood lights      led flood light, 400w MH replacement       led outdoor lighting, waterproof led lights
  Landscape LED lighting              Walkway LED lighting             Waterproof LED lighting
Widely used indoor and outdoor commercial lighting as Wall wash lighting,swimming pool lighting, water cascades lighting, building frontage lighting, parcking garage lighting, landscaping lighting, parking lot lighting, illumination for house, shopwindow , display hall, commodity excite exhibition room and billboard; Gymnasiums lighting, factory lighting, advertising board lighting, Garden lighting etc...
TEK LED Light manufacuturing                                                                              

1. Original LED flood light manufacturer in China,
2. Professinal LED flood lights manufacturer
3. Tek Lighting already exported LED lights to over 70 Countries
4. We have more than 100 stuffs, and the 6 engineers in R & D department
5. IES simulation supports

* Read LED flood light specification before installation
* Recommend use both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting
* The LED flood light must work uner the right voltage according to specification

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