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E39 LED corn light--The large E39 "Mogul" base is used on street lights, and high-wattage lamps (such as a 100-/200-/300-watt three-way) and many non-incandescent high-intensity discharge bulbs. In areas following the National Electrical Code, general-use lamps over 300 W cannot use an E26 base and instead use the E39 base, 300 W lamps may use either base. Medium Edison screw (MES) bulbs for 12 V are also produced for recreational vehicles. Large outdoor Christmas lights use an intermediate base, as do some desk lamps and many microwave ovens. Previously, emergency exit signs also tended to use the intermediate base, but U.S. and Canadian rules now require long-life and energy-efficient LED lamps, which can be purchased inside a bulb as a retrofit. A medium screw base should not carry more than 25 amperes current; this may limit the practical rating of low voltage lamps.
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