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40W CORN LED Garden Light, LED post top lamp

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Product Abstract:

40W LED CORN LIGHT E40 standard base replacement HPS as LED garden light in the walkway in Europe. The 40W Maize LED lamp special designed to replacement HPS, MH, CFL lamps. TEK LED corn light with the advantage of suitable for varies application, easy installation, comply with TUV & UL, 3 Years warranty.

Product Description

40W LED CORN LIGHT E40 base replacement compact fluorescent lamp as LED garden lights or LED post top light in street. 40W LED corn light special designed to replacement HPS & CFL bulbs pole street lights; Fin-style heat sink designed outdoor LED garden lighting with the IP65 lighting fixture, ultra-light high power corn LED bulbs

Core Features:                                                                                                      

1. Epistar SMD3528 Corn LED Garden Light

2. Ultra-light weight design, perfect to use E26/E27/E39/E40 bases

3. Supper brightness, 40W LED corn light>4600Lm, Flux:110-120lm/W

4. Dual Heat Radiation Design--Cooling Fan + Fin-style Aluminum Heat Sink

5. Fast turn on, no warm up or cold start problems

6. No UV and near-IR radiation

7. LM79 & LM80 reports, IES files available

8. CE & RoHS certified, comply with UL certificated

9. 40W maize LED corn light recommend to replacement 150W HPS bulb

Products Parameters                                                                                                     


      Maize LED Corn Light Appication                                                                             


LED corn light widely used in so many applications, such as street, garden, packing lot, gym, office, home, warehouse, factory,ect... LED corn light ideal to replacement all HPS, MH and CFL both indoor and outdoor.


The 40W LED corn light are very popular to used to replacement traditional post top lights.


TEK Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd--The original LED corn maize light manufacturer. Our LED 
maize bulbs make great LED high bay replacements and LED wall pack 
replacements or LED canopy replacement bulbs.
The LED corn lights are also great LED replacement bulbs for LED 
household bulbs such as LED flood lights.Also known as LED warehouse light
The LED corn lights are also known as LED corn cobs or LED corn bulbs 
and LED maize lighting.
TEK Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd--The original maize LED corn light manufacturer.
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