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100W incandescent equivalent LED bulb
2015-08-31 15:43:58

Looking for a LED bulb to replacement existing 100W incandescent bulb? The TEK LED corn bulb delivers 1700lm of soft, warm, 4000K light while using just 12watts. The 12W LED corn light bulb design as traditional incandescent lamp base E26 and E27 medium standard screw-type, B22,  Use LED corn light to replacement 100W incandescent lamp, not only saving 88% energy, but also get a higher brightness, and is designed to last 25 times longer than  incandescent bulb.

In addition, LED corn light bulb perfect to replacement CFL PL lights with GX24Q-1, GX24Q-2, GX24Q-3, GX24Q-4, GX24D-1, GX24D-2, GX24D-3 bases available to replacement 32W CFL Plug lights. Energy up to 62%  less than CFL.

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