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200W incandescent equivalent LED bulb
2015-09-21 16:47:09

Do you want to use a LED bulb to replacement existing 200W incandescent bulb? The TEK 30Watt LED corn bulb more than enough to replacement 200W incandescent bulb.

A clear color 200W incandescent lamp-PS30 -2100lm-Medium E26 base- 130Volt, use a E26 base 20W LED corn light, 2300lm, 85-277VAC replacement 200W incandescent lamp more than enough. Use LED corn light bulb to replacement 200W incandescent lamp, not only saving more than 90% energy, but also get a higher lumen output, brightness high, and is designed to last 25 times longer than incandescent bulb, usually you can get back you invest for new LED corn light less than 2 months.

Even a frosted color 200W incandescent lamp with 3240lumen output, use a 30W LED corn light bulb more than enough, 30W LED corn light flux up to 3600lm, 11% higher lumen output than incandescent lamp, saving 85% energy, also could get back invest within 2 months.

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