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250W HID equivalent LED bulb--60W LED corn light
2015-09-01 16:58:01

TEK's corn 60Watt LED bulb replacement for 250W HID lamps are the easy way to leverage the low energy and long life of LED. Simply screw the LED lamp into the existing fixture, no tools and saving cost.


Low-cost strategy-LED lamp uses 77% less energy, provide similar light output(7400lm).

For example, 250W HPS using total 290Watts(250Watts HPS lamp and 40Watts Ballast), 60W LED corn light , rated power 64Watts(LED power+driver ) only. Usually you can get back your invest for new LED corn bulb within 8 monthes

Long Lifespan- LED rated life more than 50,000hours, lasts 2.5X longer than HID lamps

Usage safety and Simple Operate-LED corn bulb directly to use in existing open lighting fixtures, such as high bay, low bay, post top lighting fixtures, just remove the ballast

Excellent Color Rendering Index-Ra>80 (CRI70 available, lumen output 10lm/Watt higher than CRI 80)

Color Temperature- LED corn lamp color temperature available in 2700-6500K. (Warm White: 3000-3500K, Nature White: 4000-4500K, Cool white: 6000-6500K) 

Quality and Reliability-3 Years Limited warranty

LED HID Replacement Lamps:

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