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Do you like to buy branded LED lights?
2015-08-22 10:30:22

Not all large lighting brands LED bulb are of high quality. Hong Kong Consumer Council and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSC) found large disparities in energy efficiency and lifetime performances in 10 types of LED bulbs, among these included products from leading lighting brands. Differences in LED bulb efficacy reached 100%, while one sample burned out and lumen depreciation in certain products occurred at 10% mark of the product’s lifetime. A couple other products failed to pass safety tests. Consumers were advised by the council to choose LED products cautiously.

The council found Panasonic, Ledus, LKKM, Sunshine and IKEA bulbs luminous depreciation declined more than 5% after 3,000 hours of operation, and failed to meet EMSD voluntary energy efficacy label demands, according to a Wenwei Po report. Out of these, Hong Kong LED manufacturer, Sunshine’s, average luminous depreciation reached 30%, about 90% below the advocated 30,000 hour lifespan. The company’s products delivered a miserable performance, six out of 10 samples brightness plunged 70% after 3,000 hours, one even burned out. A far cry from the company’s promoted 30,000 hour lifetime. The council commissioned an independent la_boratory in Hong Kong to test LED bulbs energy efficiency, and photobiological safety standards. LED bulbs energy efficiency tests require the bulbs to be tested after 6,000 hours (or about 8 months) usage, but due to many new LED bulbs released on the market to prevent products from becoming obsolete before the report was published, the council shortened test time to 3,000 hours (about four months).

EMSD Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme for LED light bulbs. According to the Scheme requirements, the lifespan is defined as the point at which the lumen output of a LED light bulb declined to 70% of its initial lumen when it is considered that the light bulb should be replaced. According to the council, only one brand’s product was spared from lumen depreciation at the 3,000 hour mark, while the others dropped 1.3% to 28.2%. In its efficacy tests, the council found the higher the luminous efficacy, the better the energy efficiency for the same amount of lumen output. Luminous efficacy of the LED bulb models tested varied from 53.8lm/W to nearly double at 107 lm/W. LLKM bulbs delivered the best energy efficacy performance of 107 lm/W, and were also the brightest. In comparison, IKEA bulbs delivered the worst performance of 53.8 lm/W.

TEK LED corn lights make LED lights with more than 6 years experience, committed to provide a high efficiency, high quality, energy saving LED lights. TEK LED corn light lument output upto 120lm/Watt(Ra80), TEK E26 base 12W LED corn light bulb lumen output upto 133.5lm/Watt(Ra80),isolated dirver, CE & RoHS certificated TEKLED always use high lumen LED light source to provide more energy efficient LED lights to customer. How can you keep them safe on the work?The best way to stay safe is to spot oncoming danger and avoid or evade it. Stop to use LED industrial lighting without a grouding conductor.

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