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E40 200W LED Corn Light
2016-08-29 16:07:01

TEKLED launches ultra bright LED corn light, high efficient, providing up to 160lm/W, 200W LED corn lamp reach to 32000lm.

TEKLED offers a wide range of high efficiency LED lamps to replacement metal halide lamps.

LED corn lamp idea to replacement metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, mercury lamp, mercury vapor lamp, incandescent lamp, compact fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp. Ideal for facility upgrades.

TEK LED corn lamp are the most efficient LED lamps which could providing up to 150lm/Watt, producing higher brightness with a lower wattage. Produce more than 25% lumens than other standard LED lamps. In addition, excellent color rendering, Ra> 80., much better than other traditional light source color rendering index of 21, 60, 65 and 70.

TEK's LED corn lamp are available in different wattages from 20Watts to 200Watts, the 200W LED corn lamp is an excellent retrofit for a 600W HPS. LED corn lamps is an excellent retrofit for a metal halide warehouse, factory, mechanical, garages high bay lighting fixture, superior life to reduce maintenance cost. Direct retrofit for incandescent lamps and mixed light lamps in an application of public outdoor lighting, car parks, workshops, warehouse, and workshops.

200W LED corn lamp Benefits: 

More than 150lm per watt

Direct retrofit for incandescent lamps and mixed light lamps

Ideal to replacement Metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, and CFL (Ballast free, you may need to remove/bypass the ballast before replacement)

Higher efficacy and lifetime than any other traditional lamps

Idea lamp to replacement 600W-800W HID lamps

5 years warranty

1. Supper high brightness designed mogul base LED lamp, 200W, flux up to 32000lm

Special use high brightness 0.5W SMD LEDs, Lumen output>150lm/Watt

2. Mogul screw base: E39, E40

Mogul: E39 for north america, E40 in Europe

3. Color temperature:

4000K, 5000K and 6000K available.

4. Longer life to save relamping costs

The metal halide lamp's lumen depreciation, as well as optical and ballast losses.  You can find the lumen maintenance in MH's datasheet, lumen maintenance about 70% after 4000hrs, that means end of it's life. Thus, you have to replace it with a new lamp.

But LED lamp is almost free maintenance.

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