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How can I replace Metal Halide high bay light?
2014-10-13 11:47:56


Metal halide high bay lighting fixture is the leading source of industrial illumination, such as warehouse lighting, factory workshop lighting, shopping center, mining lighting, retail store, etc. They are very popular in both industrial and commercial in today’s word. 
All of us knows that metal halide high bay light is not cheap, sometimes even very expensive with some famous brand. The cost of electrical consumption, light bulbs, ballast, labor and often times lift fees can be very tolling to a businesses bottom line.
In the past few years most warehouse lights using Metal Halide high bay lighting fixture, the lifespan of metal halide usually consider to 20000hrs, but more than 50% failed or low lumen after 10000hrs, that means metal halide HID lamp becomes older and failed. 
In that case, the Metal halide lamp failed in work or low lumens, it is necessary to retrofit warehouse by new energy saving lights. LED lights,HID lamp, or CFL?
You may still consider about to replacement a MH bulb only. First we calculate how many watts a metal halide actual used.
Metal halide high bay lighting fixture power consumption also need to consider the ballast power consumption
        Total consumption = Metal Halide Bulb + Ballast 
Take 400W metal halide as example, actual cost for bulb + ballast equal to :
       400Watt MH bulb + 60Watt ballast = 460Watt
If you using 250Watt metal halide, the actual watt is 250+40=290Watt. 
No matter HID or CFL usually also need consider to ballast power consumption and life span can not compare with LED high bay light.
So LED high bay light is the best choice to replace a metal halide high bay lighting fixture. Usually 150W -200W LED high bay light more than enough to replacement 400W ( actual 460W) MH high bay lighting fixture. 
It is very easy to replacement, just move the older and failed MH high bay away from the hook, and install the high bay light directly, connect with the line, it’s done.
The LED light famous of long lifespan, so you do not need to consider for the maintain cost. Using other MH or HPS lamp you do not only need to consider the high cost for electric fees but also lift fees for maintain with bulb and ballast.
Contact us get more information for retrofit a warehouse lighting by a LED high bay light today.

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