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How does the LED high bay compare in operation costs vs. metal halide bulb
2017-03-11 18:32:59

The upfront cost of the LED high bay lights will be higher than what a typical metal halide high bay lighting fixture. But with the LED development, the cost of LED high bay lights decreased a lot, branded 400W MH equivalent LED light is almost same as a new LED hi bay lighting fixture.


To see, I have provide a comparison of 400W metal halide high bay fxiture vs. 150W high bay light fixture

Operating cost Assumptions

We can assure the 400W metal halide high bay is using 454watt approximately

We will base it on a 10 hours day, 5 days a week

We will assume a rate of $0.1 per K/hr

You have 100 fixtures


Existing Metal Halide High bay light fixtures

100 fixtures x 454 watts = 45,400 watts

45,400 watts / 1000 = 45.4 KW

45.4 KW x 2,600 hrs operations = 118,300 KWH

118,300 KWH x $.10 = $ 11830 to operate your existing 400 metal halide high bay lighting fixtures annually


Simple point-to-point use 150W LED high bay light fixture to replacement 400W MH high bay fixture

100 fixtures x 150 watts = 15000 watts

15000 watts/1000 = 15 watts

15 watts x 2600 hours operations = 39000 KWH

39000 KWH x $0.1 kwh = $3900 to operate replacement LED high bay lighting


Life time:

Metal halide lamp – 20,000hours 

LED replacement high bay light-54,000hours 


Metal halide lamp – 1 or 2 years

LED high bay light- 5 years full performance warranty


Total LED high bay saving annually: US$79300

Our DLC listed LED high bay lights available for you to apply for rebates from your local utility companies. If you add utility company rebates and accelerated a pack tax deduction to your annual savings, you will likely be under one-year pay back not bad for worthwhile investment. If you have a factory or warehouse, and are interested in save in sixty-seven percent or more on your energy costs. Contact us to schedule a lighting energy analysis for your project.


Use LED high bay light to replacement metal halide, save 67% or even more on your industrial hi-bay lighting right now.

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