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How to Replace an HPS bulb with a LED corn bulb
2013-06-23 22:56:18

How to Replace an HPS bulb with a LED corn bulb

In the past years, the High Pressure Sodium Lights are widely used in so many applications, including street lighting, factory lighting, flood lighting, high bay lighting for both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. But in view of the HPS bulb with the characteristic high power consume and low  lifespan, so you many want to find a replacement bulb for the HPS.

Check you HPS bulb technical data, including wattage, color temperature, base, lumens, etc.
1. you need to find out the suitable wattage LED corn bulb to replacement HPS bulb.
2. check the color, usually yellow color we call it warm whit, usually consider to CCT rank: 2800-3500K, and nature white which is most close to the sunlight, CCT about 4500-5500K , cold white is the most brightness color beyond, CCT > 6000K.
3. Base, usually the HPS bulb with E26/E27/E39/E40 base, you can use TEK LED Edison screw to replacement without retrofit lighting fixture
4.  Lumens, usually the LED brightness three time than HPS , that mean you can use 50W LED corn bulbs to replacement 150W HPS. Of course you could check via IES simulation. All LED corn bulbs IES file available.


IP40-No wet applications
Not recommended for enclosed fixtures or can lighting
Remove ballast before installing
Check dimension of lamp for fitment.
Not suitable for dimmers or electronic switches or remote controls

Please note that the LED corn bulb do not need ballast, please remove the ballast before replacement.

If you have any questions about replace HPS bulb by LED lights, please contact us, we will provide you a solution very soon.

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