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Is it a good thing to reduce the price of LED high bay light?
2017-10-17 21:49:36

Many customers very pleased with oneself because of buy cheap products, they don't think they have allowed the LED high bay light manufacturer to make more money. So is that really the case?  


In the years of 2010-2011, LED high bay lighting made good money for the companies in the market. The competitive environment has not developed yet so product prices and the profit margins were very high.

LED High Bay Light1


But now increasing in competition makes the prices downward. It seems to be a positive progress for consumers. However when you analyze the situation, you can find a different fact reveals. Price competition reduces the quality of LED high bay lights quickly.

Manufacturers who claim to offer the same product at lower prices by imitating their opponents vanished from the market before their products warranty ends. Those companies give very huge damages to other manufacturers in the market.


So the reality is that those who cost cheap vendors cheat their customers, they can not guarantee the quality of products, and can not be in the warranty period for customers to replace the broken lights. After customers pay for their lamps, it won't be long before they slip away.


In fact, the price reduction is not a good thing, so when you see a super low price LED high bay light, please keep your vigilance.


TEK Lighting as a professional LED high bay light manufacturer, has 9 years experience. R & D, production, sale, after sale are all mature, provide customers with good consumption experience.


LED High Bay Light

Power: 80 W-200W

Input Voltage: 90-300 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Power Factor: >0.9

Luminous Efficacy: 125 LM/W

Color Temperature:  2700-6500 K

CRI: >80

LED Chips: Cree, Osram, Philip

IP Protection: IP54 / IP65

Beam Angle: 25°,45°,60°,90°,110°

Lifespan: >50,000hours

Operating Temperature: -40°/+50°C

Warranty: 5 Years

Humidity: <90%

Driver Type : Meanwell Driver (UL approval)


TEK winning the market is through innovations and to make a difference in the market by following technological trends, instead of lowering prices.

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