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LED Factory Lighting
2017-04-06 01:46:43

There are so many factories are work long hours and often operating lights more than 12 hours a day. Most of factories are use traditional HID high bay or low bay luminaries, the life span of HID consider to 8000-20,000 hours, and brightness reduced to 60 percent of initial luminous. Maintenance ballast and burned out lamp

Are you looking to reduce your electricity bills?

Do you want to re-lamp burned out HID lamps frequently?

Do you want to reduce the maintenance cost?

Do you want to improve your working area brightness?

It is time to upgrade your outdated low bay and high bay luminous.

Why TEK LED high bay light?

 Low operation cost

120W LED High bay light available for replace 400W HID low/high bay luminaries, use 73% less energy than traditional HID lights, provide a brighter environment in working area.  The factory LED lights are expected to provide annual energy savings of more than US$182.7 of a lamp.


Short payback period

Decreased energy and maintenance costs will provide a payback period of less than 12 months. Few countries provide rebates for qualified LED high bay lights, sometime the utility rebates already cover the cost of LED lights


Decreased Energy and Maintenance costs.

Ballast free designed LED high bay light 120W system power consumption with a rated life 50, 000 hours. 5 years full performance warranty, maintenance free.


Easy Installation

Simply point-to-point replacement for existing low/high bay lighting fixtures with a LED high bay light. Universal voltage 85-277VAC. Simply connect the wires with a connector. All is done.

More function available

DALI Driver LED high bay light

1-10V LED high bay light

Daylight + motion sensor LED high bay light

LED factory lighting

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