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LED Flood Light Manufacturer
2013-10-07 14:35:52

LED flood light refers to the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens,public landscapes and parking lot. For the purposes have been

 illuminated for as long as interior structures have; for security, circulation, and social occasions; since ancient times by firelight from wood, candles, and animal-plant oil fuels in torches.


TEK Fin-style LED flood lights:

10W LED flood light

20W LED flood light

30W LED flood light

40W LED flood light

50W LED flood light

Fin-style Heatpipe designed LED flood light

80W LED flood light

100W LED flood light

120W LED flood light

150W LED flood light

200W LED flood light

Heat pipe technology applied in 80W to 200Watt LED flood lights, high efficient cooper heat pipe direct connect with heat source LED light source, by using the cooper heat pipe, the heat generately by the lighting quickly transfers to the cooling aluminum heat sink, efficiently reduce the temperature of LED light source, and extend its lifespan.

High performance heatpipe conduct the heat rapidly

The copper heatpiple's principle is using the quick phase change of the liquid under vacuum condition which exchange the heat, the heat transfer rate is superior to any metal.


Working Voltage for LED flood light:

DC24V LED flood light for solar system

AC120V LED flood light for Northern America 

AC110V LED flood light for Japn

AC230V LED Flood light for UK

85-265V AC LED flood light for worldwide 


LED flood light protection grade: IP65


Application of LED Flood Light:

LED flood light used as Garden lighting, parking lot lighting, landscape lighting, wall-washer lighting, architectural decoration lighting


LED Flood Light Color Temperature:

Warm white: 2800-3500K

Nature white: 4000-4500K

Cold white: 6000-6500K

LED flood light working temperature:-40-45℃

Storage Temperaturer: -40-65℃


TEK LED flood light Light source:

USA 45mil BridgeLux LEDs; high brightness COB LEDs



All TEK LED flood light provide 3 years warranty.



ODM & OEM service available. Customer can provide your logo with information to us, we can print your logo on the LED flood lights.

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