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LED Gym Lighting Fixtures
2017-03-22 01:07:35

Wheter you are a public or private gym center, the common lights consdier to metal halide or high pressure sodium, T5 or T8 hgh bays, with few years operation, the lumen decays for lights makes the sports center looks dark.

Which is the best option for gym lighting? There are so many options for a gym lighting. The benifits of using a same HID lamp for the gym lighting is low price for lamp and replacement cost is cheap.

We all know that, in the long run, the cost of HID with existing high bay or low bay fixtures, bulb and ballast comsuption is very high.

You may have been to other's gym center with LED lights, and notice it is bright and clear. Because of the High lumen output and High CRI, and no flick. It is more confortable for a sports center.

With the technology development, you have more choice to upgrading your gym lighting today. You can choosing a retrofit LED corn lamp to replacement for your existing HID lamp to keep current lighting fixtures. 

By having to change your bulbs less often, and you do not have to pay a maintenance ballast and bulbs often, you can simply use LED high bay or LED low bay light point-to-point replacement for HID high bay fixtures.


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