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LED lighting appear dangerous bottlenecks in the development
2015-04-25 23:58:58

LED lighting appear dangerous bottlenecks in the development It is reported that Shenzhen LED industry began in the early 1990s, the momentum together, showing the explosive growth of the industry, once occupied almost half of the country's LED industry. According to statistics, as of now, Shenzhen LED scale enterprise about 4000, the number of LED enterprises accounted for about 30%. Shenzhen is the largest LED packaging and LED display production base to base oriented electronics industry, the LED drive circuit design, intelligent optical design field strength, and more products with LED commercial lighting and public lighting based. It is understood that, with respect to Foshan, Zhongshan and other lighting business gathering area, a large number of traditional lighting companies in Shenzhen slightly less, but it has a large number of small and medium enterprises in emerging lighting. It is reported that the face of industry difficulties, Shenzhen business prospects for LED lighting industry still have a very optimistic view, many companies on the market already has a very clear positioning and planning, which brought a whole piece of LED enterprises in Shenzhen region lively atmosphere. 2015, year of the crisis and machine coexist From the business point of view gather, Shenzhen LED enterprises located in the upper reaches of the substrate material, epitaxial wafers, chip midstream, downstream packaging to all aspects of the application and supporting materials, processing and testing equipment, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of domestic and In the downstream industry chain formed certain industrial agglomeration. According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen LED enterprises, enterprise applications, packaging companies, supporting enterprises accounted for about 33% of each epitaxial chips in the upstream business accounted for about l%. Which is still more than 99% of SMEs, and the majority of private enterprises, located in various aspects of the industry chain, and active promotion of private enterprise is precisely to ensure the Shenzhen LED industry sustained rapid development. "2015, for the Shenzhen LED business, is a year of crisis and machine coexist." Tek Lighting Technology Limited Marketing Director, said, "Everyone on the LED increasing acceptance, as well as high-quality user products gradually raised certain requirements, and most of all to do foreign trade enterprises in Shenzhen itself, the quality of the product is very easy to meet domestic demand and cost-effective. " "This year, the economic recovery of the domestic market for foreign trade enterprises in Shenzhen and strong, this is a good opportunity, but companies should exploit the advantages of a single product, like TEK lighting technology, has the advantage that the LED high bay and LED Corn Light, sales in foreign markets now, compared to the situation a little better, but again, if further reflect the product's price in the domestic market still popular. " This year's Report, "two sessions" proposed by the Government, it is necessary to fight the new energy-saving environmental protection industry's pillar industries. From this perspective, the government is expected to energy saving and environmental protection efforts will increase, is bound to bring new market opportunities. Shenzhen Jiawei Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. is the energy-saving environmental protection industry in a typical. Shares ROCKETS Jiawei, vice president, said this: "This opportunity is not a blowout, a gradual growth, whether to seize this opportunity, to see business in the past few years, what had been done plenty of preparation and accumulation. " Liu Xiong has been optimistic about prospects for the development of LED industry, because the development of the LED can reduce carbon emissions to meet energy saving requirements. He added that Shenzhen is a city of innovation, daring Ganpin Shenzhen enterprises have innovative features, and has been in the pursuit of change and innovation. "Through this opportunity Shenzhen enterprises and market environment unleashed, but seemed more promising." ROCKETS said. Shenzhen LED business has its own advantages: First, the Shenzhen enterprises better overall product quality, there is a great advantage for the brand; second, the Shenzhen company has a technical advantage because Shenzhen is China's LED industry, foreign technology frontier, technology concentration the highest number of technology companies will set up R & D center in Shenzhen; third, Shenzhen has talent advantage, more focused R & D personnel, various professionals are relatively complete; fourth, Shenzhen LED enterprises regardless of upstream, midstream or downstream industries chain development have been very mature. Based on these four major advantages, Shenzhen LED products enterprises should be "high, fine, sharp," to think from the perspective of creation, not just manufacturing. In addition, one of the biggest problems is the high cost of Shenzhen LED business, whether it is personnel costs or management costs, Shenzhen and other areas to be complementary resources, this is the next to go in Shenzhen LED business advantage. Differences in development, optical design highlights According to statistics, in 2014 the Shenzhen-scale electronic products manufacturing output reached 1.3829 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.9%. ? Shenzhen Most companies are doing electronic products, and LED lighting is an electronic lighting products, so Shenzhen enterprises in the grasp of electronic products stability, performance has a great advantage, especially in the light category products its special advantages. "Shenzhen electronics industry developed making Shenzhen LED industry has a comparative advantage in circuit design, optical design of the product, in the light angle and more accurate understanding of other aspects of intelligence." The optical design is another big selling Shenzhen LED enterprises. According to Chinese music, the Shenzhen enterprises mainly in LED lighting applications lamps, downlights, spotlights and other projects through the pipeline products, lighting products, in engineering applications, often simultaneously choose several different vendor products, each product requirements consistent interface standardization, enterprises in product design for the structure, electrical connections, optical design products and other aspects to consider more versatility and, therefore, inhibits the development of differentiation engineering products. "Shenzhen LED product design in favor of modular, intelligent, humane and other major features, the 'Pearl River' regional circulation class decorative products focus on different development is slightly different." High dependence on exports, branding difficult Although Shenzhen LED business has a unique foundation for the development, but there are still some bottlenecks. Shenzhen LED enterprises export to domestic sales is difficult, mainly in: First, a single channel Shenzhen enterprises, mostly for export and their invisible channels as the main marketing strategy, a lack of traditional channels; second, some companies mostly OEM, export to Lord, the lack of experience in the domestic market development, market development is not enough resources configuration; third, finished the enterprise ratio is not high, market limitations, sales channels have greater limitations; fourth, because the basic products of export enterprises positioning in the high-end, compared with the Zhongshan lamps no price advantage. Domestic exports to the biggest bottleneck in the development of enterprises in Shenzhen LED "Because most companies are Shenzhen factory-oriented enterprises, compared with the traditional lighting companies, domestic lighting applications market is not deep enough to understand; secondly, some companies do not combine specific environmental analysis of the product itself, for example, such a system of LED understanding of the product line also needs to be strengthened. " Integration of resources, pushing complementary In thousands of companies competing "Red Sea" market alone, all the real test of the strength of an enterprise. Chinese companies are accustomed to thinking "rather be beheaded, do Pteris" joint approach often too cold. But in the LED emerging markets, for many, only a "zero-based" SMEs, feeling the stones are sometimes not as good as the idea of ​​"giant" on the shoulder, it will take a lot less detours on the road to development. Integration of resources from operational terms, it should be between enterprises in certain segments of the meticulous precision, by several influential business to co-ordinate the league to do business in Shenzhen. Some business alliances in the implementation process, because each business has its own needs, resulting in a process of cooperation can not hold an open attitude, making cooperation in the implementation of very BaoTuan limitations, there is not much action According to the current market environment, ROCKETS believes should be set up by the relevant government departments alliances can be made responsible for this area to convene Kechuang Shenzhen Committee and other influential business alliance to do this, for each of the company's products making the layout of the re-positioning, it is a system that works. I hope an open mind based on product characteristics and competitive enterprises out and has formed a certain scale, influential business associate to form complementary products, complementary market. Conservative or aggressive, causing the industry heated debate For Shenzhen LED business is to take a conservative or a radical question, the key to the strength of the enterprise itself and the development of the state, if the business itself is powerful, and its direction is very clear, and you can do some big action to promote, or do some promotional activities in the channel. For Shenzhen LED enterprises, it belongs to the type of manufacturing, it would have to be cautious about the domestic market. "First of all on the domestic market have their own understanding, and secondly put their own advantages and disadvantages of it, in the end is going to win in a single product, or to focus on a certain segments." Ouyang Zhicheng believe that this is the Shenzhen lighting companies today need to think about the topic. If the single from the conservative or aggressive angle to determine Shenzhen LED business, which is incorrect. From the current point of view of the market environment, look at the global, in fact, overseas markets such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea is still very active, and for export-oriented enterprises and overseas have certain channels and market infrastructure, and this year their orders is still very abundant. We can clearly feel they have signs of increased investment, this investment is multifaceted, new product development, recruitment, including overseas markets increased, from this perspective, there may be some new inputs compared to the past two years will be more.


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