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New Integrated LED high bay light
2013-12-31 18:33:24

New Integrated LED high bay light

In Desember 2013, TEK Lighting lauches a new series Integrated LED high bay light. They have 120Watts to 300Watts LED high bay light available in this series, which designed to replacement 250Watt to 600W MH traditional metal halide bay lights.

The new designed integrated LED high bay make with waterproof and dust proof IP65 grade, suitable for use indoor and outdoor applications.

Integrated LED high bay light heat sink use excellent quality aluminum, vacuum cavity of the thermal conduct, even one heat sink after more than 28 processes to make sure every piece of fin perfect connect with thermal cavity together, and whole heat sink connect without any screw and glue, in order to prevent the glue problem and fail down the heat sink hurt people.

Compare with the traditional extruded aluminum heat sink and conventional heat sink,the new integrated LED high bay light heat sink have advantage of lighter in weight, smaller in size, and cooling speed faster than 30%.

The integrated heat sink combined with vacuum heat pipe, the temperature will have a little rising when the constant temperature just begins, it will be stable in about half an hour, and temperature well contral in 60℃±3℃. Compare with other heat sink long time working will sharp increasing heat sink temperature, and the LED PCB temperature increased, it will be greatly increasing lumen decay, end LED high bay light life.

Acoording to Cree LED reports data shows, LED Tj>105℃, lifespan only a little longer than 10,000Hrs, LED Tj=95℃,LED lifespan>20,000hrs, LED Tj=75℃, LED lifespan>50,000hrs, LED Tj=65℃, LED lifespan>90,000hrs.

Also Lumiled LuxeonK2 LED droop cruve shows,

When LED Tj reach 115℃-135℃, LED lifespan will be reducing from 50,000hrs to 20,000hrs.

Then how to extend LED lifespan to extend LED high bay lifespan?
The keypoint is reducing the Junction temperature of LED high bay light.

How to reducing the LED juction temperature? The main point we need have a excellent heatsink which could release the LED heat fast.

TEKLED are adequately considered LED lifespan, and producing Integrated LED high bay light, well controlled the LED junction temperature in 60℃±3℃.

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