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Replace 400W High Pressure Sodium lamps with TEK LED retrofit lamps
2017-08-03 23:03:26

Looking for a LED lamp replacement for High Pressure Sodium lamp in high bay, canopy, shoebox, low bay and wall pack lighting fixtures? 

LED high bay lamp

TEK has just released a 100W LED retrofit lamp that replaces inefficient 400W high pressure sodium lamp. LED replacement lamp can be used in open and closed lighting fixtures. Over 78% in energy saving as well as better light quality.


LED retrofit lamp designed for replacing High Pressure Sodium(HPS), Metal Halide(MH), High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamps(HQL & HWL), Compact Fluorescent Lamp(CFL),Incandescent lamp and LED corn lamp.

Replace 400W HPS Replace 400W MH Replace 400W HQL
LED Replace 400W HPS LED Replace 400W MH LED Replace 400W HQL
Replace 400W HWL LED replace 350W CFL LED replacement 1000W incandescent
LED  Replace 500W HWL  LED Replace 350W CFL LED Replace 1000W incandescent Lamp


Use LED retrofit lamp to replace HID lamp with energy savings of up to 62%-83%, it will soon pay for themselves.

LED retrofit lamp vs. LED corn lamp

 LED corn lamp or LED retrofit lamp? In a same condition, LED retrofit lamp lux level better than LED corn lights. 100W LED retrofit lamp light level higher than 150W LED corn lamp install in 8 meters high ceiling. If you want to replacement existing outdated HID lamp by LED bulb, contact TEKLED, we will provide your a better lighting solution to you.

LED replacement lamp

Wherever they are used?

Warehouse, factory, workshop, malls, shop, hotel, fitness center, stadiums

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