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TEK DALI LED panel light is used in hospital and give patients a comfortable lighting experience
2017-12-11 09:24:04

Lighting in a hospital ward can help doctors and nurses treat patients, but bright lights do not only damage the retina, but also affect the patient's circadian rhythm. The study found that replacing traditional hospital lighting with DALI LED panel light can be adjust the lighting to meet the patient's needs.


The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute did a series of research that aiming at the effects of lighting to humans, different room in the hospital lighting, different level of patients will require different lighting solution. DALI LED panel light can mimic natural light and give patients a comfortable rest.

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In 2016, TEK cooperated with children's hospital, equipped with DALI LED panel light system in the hospital's Intensive Cure Unit (ICU). About 10 pcs LED panel lights installed in the ceiling of different position, the system will automatically according to the time and number of rooms to adjust light and shade, and patients and nursing staff can through the planar interface to manually adjust the room light.


TEK said the DALI LED panel light illumination system has a lot of benefits for ICU patients who have been hospitalized for long periods of time, 80% of patients have acute psychotic state, may lead to their insanity hallucinating, imitation of natural light illumination system make patients more conscious on time.

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LED panel light can also transform different colors such as pink, yellow and blue, and the sick child can change the color by manipulating the plate, while distracting their attention to alleviate the pain.


DALI LED panel light system besides can help patients recover, use LED lights can make every room save about 80% electricity.

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