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TEK LED replacement lamp for 400W metal halide
2016-07-09 10:01:11

TEK's Maize LED replacement lamp for 400W metal halide lamp. Mogul E40 base LED lamp screws into the existing high bay lighting,

Fast and easy installation:

Use current lighting fixtures, do not need extra money to puchase new lighting fixtures, save money and labor cost.

Long Lifespan:

50,000hrs rated life, LED replacement bulb last 4X longer than metal halide (12,000hrs).

Cut Maintenance cost:

Consider to conventional 400W metail halide install in a 6-12meters high ceiling, maintenance cost is very high, use our corn LED lamp to help saving maintenance cost.

Low-Cost Operation:

120W LED corn light available to replacement 400W metal halide lamp, use 71% less energy, providing silimar light light output (16580 vs. 21650lm), excellent color Ra>80.

For example: using LED replacement lamp 120Watt to replacement 400W metal halide.

LED lamp rated power 130Watt vs a standard 460W metal halide lamp system(400W lamp and 60W ballast) 

Color Temperature:

Warm white:3000-3500K

Nature white:4000-4500K

Day white:5000-5500K

Cool white: 6000-6500K

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