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TEKLED Launches New Integrated LED High Bay Light
2013-12-28 22:01:57

TEKLED Launches New Integrated LED High Bay Light

TEKLED Launches New Integrated LED High Bay Light

LED high bay lighting fixture is designed and developed to replacing traditional MID high bay and HPS high bay for industral lighting applications, These luminaires are used in large open spaces such as warehouses, factories, workshops, gas stations, Parking garages, exhibition halls, Road toll gates, Suppermarket, Sports statiums, Airport passenger halls,ect.

The mounting height dicatates the need for high bay or low bay luminaires. The primary difference between the two is their light distribution characteristics.

TEKLED launches New-Generation LED High Bay Light—TEK Lighting Technology after about two year reserching and developing, finally developed a new generation of LED high bay light perfect joint the vacuum heat-pipe & fin style heat radiator without any scews or glue. The new generation LED high bay light not only in a nice designed apperance, excellent heat dissipation structure much better than ever, but more importanct is gave the high power LED high bay light lifespan bring new development prospects.

In 2011, TEKLED received a customer request to develop a series LED high bay light which could provide 5 years warranty.

Why customer need such long factory warranty? What is the purpose to provide such long warranty to customers even than famous brand Phlips extra 2 years?

Apparently the five years warranty need to reconsideration the whole deisgned for normal extrusion Aluminum LED high bay which was including heat dissipaton, LED lifespan, LED lumen decay, driver and so on.

There are thousands of LED lighting manufacture and boasting of longer lifespan with the very cheap prices in this complex markets. The customer asking provide a new sulution for the LED high bay lights with their own brand and compliant with DLC (Design Lights Consortium Approved) for there company. As to the coming fierce competition, the customer realized they must build up their own brand and develop their own brand, only in this way can they stand out in the drastic competition of complex LED lighting Markets.

It is a trend to using LED lights to replacement traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium in both industral lighting field and commercial lighting word, especially the industrial illumination field. LED high bay light compare with the traditional High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide industrial lights, evergy saving more than 70%. Moreover, most industrial factories owners getting retrofit CFL by LED lights...

  1. TEKLED use one of the most famous brand USA BridgeLux LED for LED high bay light source, and only use high brightness 45Mil chip which not only garrantee the quality, but also cosider to high brightness.CRI>80, compliant with ErP stands.
  2. Integration designed vacuum heat pipe aluminum radiator, Ordinary extrusion or fin style LED high bay light release heat via alumum heat sink, the temperature of the connect point between aluminum base board and LED light source base board is very high, and hard quickly passed to the heat sink aluminum fins. But, TEKLED high bay light use new integrated vacuum heat pipe radiator for the heat sink design,een fast high-speed to passed the heat from the AL base board through out the whole radiator. And the new technology achieve to keep LED high bay light’s at constant temperature after 30munites. LED juction temperature of TEK Lighting LED high bay light can controal in 55±3℃(typical: 150Watt LED high bay light)
  3. For new integrated LED high bay light, TEKLED specially choosing top quality famous brand Meanwell driver that make sure long lifespan and stability, also easy to make any certificates according to different countries standards which including UL, PSE, CUL, CE, RoHS, TUV and etc.
  4. Nice apperance designed TEK LED high bay light, can not find any scews and glue on the heat radiation connection.
  5. In order to makes our customersdeveloping markets easy and stand out from other competitors, we already send samples to make CE certificate, and planing to apply UL certificates for the new LED high bay lights.

Facing the increasingly tense of global energy, energy saving has become the focus of common attention of countries in the word.TEKLED will continue to efficiency energy saving lighting developing and manufacturing, and share new technologies with countries around the world.

TEK LED high bay lighting provides maximum lumen output, high brightness, excellent color redering which is the best choise for new energy saving lighting on industrial illumination.

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