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The original LED warehouse light Manufacturer in China
2013-07-04 19:32:42

The Maize LED warehouse light are widely use in so many applications, including walkway lighting, warehouse lighting, factory lighting, garden lighting, parking lot lighting, etc. They are long-lasting and wide-rang color temperature light is easy to replacement HPS bulbs, MH bulbs, Sodium bulbs and CFL.

If you search "LED warehous light" or "LED corn bulbs" in some famous B2B website like alibaba, you many find hundreds of LED warehouse lights and all told you they are the factory. Absolutely impossible!  You may think: I am staying in thousands of miles away from China, how can I find a maize LED lamp factory?:

Now we take you to look around the Maize LED warehouse light manufacturing process.

Maize LED warehouse light

TEK Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd specialized in industrial LED lights developing and manufacturing. We are mainly engaged in the r&d, manufacturing, marketing and service of new industrial LED lights which are green, environmental protection, low carbon energy saving.



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