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Upgrading HID lamp is not complicated
2017-03-27 11:50:42

Few years ago, LED lights price is high, and scared away so many factory owners. With the technology development, The prices have come down a lot, the price almost same or even lower than a branded traditional HID low bay or high bay fixtures.

Compared to traditional HID lamp, such as metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium ( HPS) and Mercury Vapor (MV), LED lights have follow advantages:

*   Typically use about 60%-80% less energy than traditional HID lamps, saving money

*   Can last 3-8 times longer. Save money on re-lamping and maintenance.

The biggest challenge with a factory lighting improvement involves replacing HID bulb or whole lighting fixture. Put simply, two solutions:

1.    Keep the old fixtures and retrofit them to accept LED bulbs

If your  fixtures are in good condition, we can consider to replace existing metal halide(MH) or high pressure sodium lamp(HPS) with LED bulbs. Traditional high bay or low bay fixtures use electronic ballasts, simply bypass/remove the fixture’s ballast before install a LED lamp. You may want to keep the ballast, but if you did so, it not economic and waste money on electric cost and ballast maintenance  in the long run.

2.    Change whole fixture with LED light fixture

Simply to use LED high bay or LED low bay light directly point to point replacement HID high bay or low bay lighting fixture.

When opting for LED lights, avoid purchases based on price alone, low price always means poor quality materials. Choose a good quality LED light fixture with a high lumen output, not high wattages.

Check with your local utility to see if it offers rebates for converting to LED lights. In come cases, as much as 75% or more of the cost of upgrading is covered by these programs.

When you want to upgrading your good condition HID high bay to LED lights, how many hours operating per day, and how much you paid for per kilowatt-hour? Install LED lights where you’ll use them most. Your investment will pack you back in energy savings very fast. 

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