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Welcome to experience the lighting effect of TEK smart DALI LED panel light
2017-12-08 09:40:39

Recently, the Hong Kong trade development council conducted a questionnaire survey in the Hong Kong international lighting fair 2017 and the Hong Kong international outdoor and technology lighting , show that household lighting market in the near future will remain buoyant.


Among them, the consumer needs to replace old lighting product, can bring the demand of indoor household lighting product. At the same time, with the increasing environmental awareness of consumers, LED panel light products will be popular, and intelligent technology is expected to continue to promote the development of lighting industry.

LED panel light--ledcornbulbs.com

There is no denying that intelligent lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, improving work efficiency and improving management level. With the improvement of living standards, the application of DALI LED panel light will become more common and will become a new outlet for the development of lighting industry.


TEK lighting layout smart home lighting

Of course, there are plenty of industry insiders who believe that although the smart home market has great potential worldwide, it is still in the incubation stage and has not been widely used. The fact that smart home is more popular in some developed countries is indisputable.


The reason is mainly manifested in two aspects, on the one hand, the current intelligent household ecosystem has not yet fully established, poor compatibility and complicated operation and so on still not fully resolved, consumer is difficult to deeply realize the wisdom of the smart home and convenient.

On the other hand, the lack of LED lamp supporting regulations and standard, the good and evil product mixed up in the industry, Consumers are generally underperforming, nature is difficult to drive consumers to pay.


TEK lighting, as the global lighting leader, has been continuously working in the Chinese market, and has been constantly introducing lamps and lanterns adapted to Chinese consumption habits. In 2017, TEK lighting has been continuously distributed in the field of smart home lighting.


DALI LED panel light  through intelligent interconnection control, consumers can feel the different life styles brought by smart home, and fully meet the rich demand of home lighting.

LED Panel Light--ledcornbulbs.com

TEK has been leading the innovation in the field of smart home, emphasizing the improvement of intelligent interconnection technology for lighting experience and quality of life. Believe has led the Internet consumption trend of Chinese consumers are very willing to try new things, we are looking forward to more customers come to TEK LED panel light lighting experience area, immersive experience beyond imagination smart home scene.

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