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What wattage LED lamp could replacement Osram HQL 250W mercury vapor lamp?
2017-08-14 21:56:58

LED retrofit lamp upgrading 250W HQL factory lighting. 250W mercury vapor lamps are often used as industrial factory and workshop lighting in high bay and low bay lighting fixtures in the past years. TEK's 80W LED retrofit lamp perfect to repalcement Osram 250W HQL lamp in hgih bay fixtures.

Technology Comparison:

Model Osram 250W HQL TEK 80W LED Lamp
Rated Wattage 250W 80W
Input Voltage 100-277VAC 100-277VAC
Energy Consumption 275W 80W
Efficacy 52lm/W 130lm/W
Rated Luminous Flux 13000lm 10400lm
Color Rendering Index Ra 41 80
Color Temperature 3900K 2700-5700K
Lifespan 24000hrs 50,000hrs
Diameter 91mm 155mm
Length 226mm 187mm
Product Weight 160g 1600g
Base (Standard designation) E40/ E39 E40/E39
Energy efficiency class B A+
Lamp mercury content 39.1mg 0

275W 80

E40 80W LED retrofit lamp luminous flux up to 10400lm provide a similar light output to 250W HQL mercury vapor lamp. With 120 degree one-side output for maximum coverage, 80W LED replacement lamp more than enough to replacement for 250W HQL, they are easy way to achieves significant savings in energy costs. The longer life with 50,000 hours rated life at L70, reduce maintenance and operating costs. E40 and E39 mogul screw-in base design, a simple upgrade that will work with existing lighting fixtures.


LED lamp with advanced benifits of low operation cost, use a 80W LED lamp replace 250W HQL lamp, energy saves over US$601.67 over the rated life of a LED lamp, based on US$0.12 per kWh.Fast payback, esitmated within 11 months.

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