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Why Corn LED replacement bulb?
2017-04-04 23:23:03

In the past decades, HID lamps are widely used in so many different applications for low bay, high bay, post top, shoebox, cobra-head and canopy luminaries. The working voltage from 85-480 Volt. LED replacement bulb for HID lamps leverage the low energy and long life of LED. The screw-in base designed LED lamps are based one-for-one replacement of HID lamps for low bay, shoebox, high bay, post top and canopy lighting fixture, available to use both in door and outdoor applications.

Maximize energy efficiency

Because corn cob LED lamp use up to 67% less energy than HID lamps, they are an easy way to achieve significant savings in energy costs while reducing your environmental impact.

Low-Cost operation

Replacement LED lamp 150 Watts available to replacement for 400 Watts HID lamp ( System power consumption 458 Watts), use 67% less energy, providing similar light output (20,000lm vs. 23500lm).

Energy Savings switching from HID to LED

Lamp Wattage HID System Wattage LED Lamp Wattage Energy Savings Cost Energy Savings*
400W 458W 150W 308W US$1697
250W 290W 80W 210W US$1165
175W 210W 60W 150W US$854
150W 190W 50W 140W US$798

*Base on energy rates at $0.1/kWh over the life of the lamp

Reduce maintenance and operating costs

The long life with 50,000 hours rated life at L70. With a lifespan 2.5-4 times longer than HID lamps, LED replacement lamp is significantly reduce costs associated with replacement products and maintenance.

Better color

LED Lamp Ra>80. Color rendering index(CRI) of HID lamp consider to 25-60.

Add savings through rebates

LED corn bulb from TEKLED offer even more savings on overall cost of ownership through lamp rebate programs. If you need apply for rebates program from your local energy firm, contact with use before place an order. 

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