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Why we are your best choice of LED light supplier
2012-11-30 18:59:31

We understand that, as a poineer in adapting edeg new technology, you are trying your best to find a reliable led lighting product supplier.

Then what questions to ask when you evaluate a led supplier?


Of course, quality is the first thing we all care about. Nobody likes crap. That is why we, Tek Lighting, are here to provide you LED product while there are lots of competitors out there providing lower prices, whose product, of course, are just inferior. In fact, some of them, you just can't light up!


Yes, price is not insignificant. One of the obstacles that stopping LED light from popular implementation is their higher prices compared to CFL. In Tek Lighting, we take advantage of the lower labour price and scale effect of Shenzhen LED industry, to cut price to its rationally lowerest point.

Technical Support

For its short history and lack of local professional services, TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) of LED Lighting involves post-sale support much deeper than traditional lighting products.  Tek Lighting provides two years of warranty for all our products and 7*24 on-phone technical support and consultancy across the world.


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