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Why you need to replacement metal halide lamp by LED high bay light?
2016-08-25 19:15:45

1.       Save electricity cost

electricity cost are an important consideration. A metal halide high bay lighting fixture power consumption 460Watts. A mechanical workshop install high bay lighting fixtures in a 8-10m high ceiling, in the past year, you need to consider to use 400W high bay lighting fixture, the famous branded metal halide high bay cost about US$53.84, if you install total 90pcs 400w metal halide lamp high bays in your work place to get a 500lx on workplane.

Before you how much you need to pay for electric expenses every month? You need to know how to calculate total power consumption for ninety 400Watts high bay lighting fixtures. You may notice the electric company measures how much electricity you use in kilowatt-hours, abbreviated kWh.

Power consumption kWh= Light wattage x hours used ÷1000

For example, we suppose you running 400W high bay lights and operating 8 hours per day in your workplace, continuously use 22days every month:

The total power consumption for a month is 460 x 8 x22 x 90 ÷1000=7286.4kWh

kWh x  price per kWh  =   cost of electricity

ninety 400W MH lamp high bay lighting fixtures in the workshop, how much does it cost if the lights are on 8 hours a day, 22 working days for a whole month? How much per month? Take Hawaii electricity rate as example, US$0.36/kWh (If you do not know your electricity rates in your city, you can check how much you’re actually paying on your bill.)


How much per year?

$2623.1x12 = $31477.25

If you use 150W LED high bay lights to replacement 400W metal halide high bay fixtures, how much I can save very year?

First of all, we need to know the power consumption for ninety 150Watt LED high bay lights, 150W LED high bay light rated power 153Watts

In the same condition, LED high bay lights operating 22day/month, 8hrs/day, electrical rate $0.36, total power consumption for a month is 150 x 8 x 22 x 90 ÷1000=2376kWh

Total electricity cost for a year about $10264.32

How much electricity cost you can saved by use LED lights every year?



2. Save maintenance cost

Some experts advise change the bulbs out every two years. Why? 400Watt Metal halide lumen decay up to 30% after operating 6000hrs.

Metal halide bulbs have fairly rapid lumen depreciation, take famous brand GE lighting 400Watts itself.

metal halide lamp as an example.

E40 base 400W metal halide lamp


Energy consumption[kWh/1000hrs]:405.66Watts (A 400Watt ballast sends 400watts to the metal halide lamp, and uses about 40-60Watts)

Total power consumption for whole lighting fixture:460Watts

Rated Lumen: 23500lm

Rated lifespan 14000hrs, it is take a long time to actually burn out, but you can see from the datasheet. Lamp running on 6000 hours, lumen maintenance 70% only. That means end of it’s life. You need to replacement a new lamp

Despite taking a long time to actually burn out, metal halide bulbs have fairly rapid lumen depreciation.

Some branded metal halide lamp lumen decay reach to 40% after running 4000 hours. Metal halide lamp have very poor lumen maintenance and its light output begins to drastically decrease after only 1-2 years of operation. If you want to save energy, replace the bulb every 1.2 years. Consider to the stuffs safety in production, you have to stop work in factory and replacement metal halide bulbs. In the mechanical workshop, lighting fixtures installed in a very high ceiling above 8 meters, maintenance inconvenience and cost very high, we even do not consider to the cost for a new metal halide bulb, $19-$30 per lamp. And the ballast also consider to lifespan of 3 years, you need to change the ballast continuously. Cost is not to ignored.


3.       What is the ROI?

How long you can get back your investment from saved electricity rate? Month to reach return on investment: 6-8months

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