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200W LED high bay light as factory lights in China
2016-07-08 21:39:47

Project:5760Square-meters factory lighting 

Project date:2016

The Expectation:

Customer want to use LED lights as workshop lighting in his new factory for the purpose to reduce energy load and carbon footprint.

The LED lights install in a height over 11meters high celling, installation height about 10meters, consider to the mantenance ocst is very high. So they want to use a excellent quality LED lights with long life expectancy to cut the manitenance costs. 

Length: 120meters




Installation Height: 10 meters

The solution:

Accoring to customer project information, our engineer use DiaLux to make a lighting simulation for our customer with different beam angle and power LED high bay light. 200W LED high bay light with 60degree bean angle is the best choice for this project.

Lighting simulation design:

The benifit of 200W LED high bay light

Excellent heat management with copper heat pipe design

5 years warranty for whole lighting fixture

High efficancy , 125lm/Watt

Lighting information:

Lighting fixture: IP54 200W LED high bay light (Model:TEK-IL-200W)


Beam Angle: 60Degree

Color temperature: 5000-5500K

LED high bay lights in customer's factory, total 90pcs in this project

Befor the storm, the sky had grown black as ink. 

"Very cool and very nice, the LED high bay lights made the workshop as bright as in the day time." Customer said

If you want to use LED lights in your factories, hangars, or warehouses, contact us for your own lighting solution now!

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