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240W LED Flood lights retrofit HID tennis courts lighting
2017-06-16 21:56:12

240W LED Flood lights replacement for 650W Halogen lights in tennis courts

Project: Upgrading tennis courts lighting

Customer wanted to change old lamp in his tennis center in Europe. He was used ten lighting fixtures in each tennis court, there were two halogen lamps in each lighting fixture. One lamp has 400Watt with white light and the other lamp in the housing has 250Watt with light orange light.  

Operating 8 hours per day, operating days are 30 or 31 days per month. They also open on weekends. 0.20 euro per KWH

The Expectation

Customer was looking for a LED lights to replacement for existing outdated halogen lights to improve light level and reduce electricity bills.

The solution

240W LED flood light replacement for existing 650W halogen lighting fixtures.

The Benefits

240W LED flood light with cast aluminum heat sink and PC lens cover, not easy to breaking by a ball.

240W LED light replacement for 650Watts Halogen( bulb plus ballast, total power consumption for each lighting fixture about 744Watts.), saving up to 68% energy, provide a higher light level in tennis courts.

Total LED Saving Annually:25871.00 euro

Shorten payback period within 12 months

The Feedback

Here is the feedback from our customer Daniel who use our 240W LED light to upgrading his tennis lighting. “Now, the brightness is higher in the tennis center. I will send you some photos from our tests. You will like them.” 

tennis court led lighting

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