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500W LED high bay illuminate heavy duty mechanical shop in Kyrgyzstan
2016-06-07 19:33:12

Project: 3600Square-meters Heavy duty mechanical shop lighting

Length: 90meters



Project Date: 2016

TEK LED high bay lighting fixtures were installed in a new 3600-square-meters workshop

The New lighting was so favorable with 500W LED high bay light in 20meters high ceiling.


A bright working area is a key to ensure the safety of employees. LED high bay light deliver 750lux in work area

The Expectation

Standard illuminate level 750lx for mechanical workshop, low maintenance, long life expectancy, reduce energy load and carbon footprint.

Heavy duty mechanical workshop lights install in a height over 20 meters high ceiling, maintenance cost is very high. Replacing a new lighting fixture typically required five days’ work, three maintenance personnel and a lift. That’s why LED high bay light with 5 years warranty is the best operation for workshop lighting.

The situation

Customer was looking for a LED lights for their heavy duty mechanical shop with turnkey solution. TEKLED recommend use heat pipe series LED high bay light fixtures at 474Watts. In total 72 TEK’s 500W LED high bay lighting fixtures now illuminate mechanical workshop 3600-square meters facility. 

TEK’s LED high bay lighting fixtures were the ideal energy and lighting solution for heavy duty mechanical manufacturing facility, long rated life helps workers more efficiently do their jobs. TEK’s LED high bay lights in a newly mechanical workshop should produce a minimum of 750lux.

Lighting design plays an important role in an industrial mechanical shop with a ceilings exceeding 20meters. With the proper lighting, these jobs can be accomplished quicker and more accurately.

Newly installed TEK 500W LED high bay lights deliver more efficient and precise light while significantly diminishing maintenance needs.

The benefit of 500Watt LED high bay lighting fixtures

Long Lamp life- Cree XTE LED are rated at 100,000hrs which will significantly reduce maintenance costs compared to other lighting fixtures.

Warranty: 5 years limited warranty

Light Quality- TEK LED high bay light have an excellent color rendering index. Ra>80

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