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80W LED corn lamp replacement 400W Metal Halide Lamp
2016-04-14 11:14:37

This is a new retrofit warehouse lighting project in UK.  

Customer used 400W metal halide lamp in traditional high bay lighting fixtures, installation height 6.5meters , they do not want to replacement existing lighting fixtures.

There are 36pcs 400W MH high bay lighting fixtur in this project.

They can not believe a 80W LED corm lamp could provide a higher brightness than existing 400W metal halide, and purchase a sample for test. After 2 weeks testing, they decided to use E40 80W LED corn light bulbs to replacement all traditional 400W metal halide lamps

Yes, it is unbelievable that only 80watt LED corn light lumen output up to 10521lm(Ra>80), more than 83% energy saving compared with 400W metal halide with a longer lifespan over 50,000hrs.

Months to reach return on investment: Within 5 months!

36pcs 80W LED bulb, and work 10hrs per day, 22 working days per month. Let’s assume you are paying $0.15/kWh, you can save $5670.65 per year!


Do you want to replace 400W metal halide lamp without replacement current lighting fixtures? Contact us today to get a lighting calculation for your own project now.

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