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TEK LED high bay used in USA factory lighting
2013-01-04 16:37:35

TEK LED high bay used in USA factory lighting

High Pressure Sodium(HPS) bulbs are widely used in industrial lighting solution as street light, warehouse lighting, flood lighting, garden lighting, hydroponic lighting and etc.

If you are looking for LED lamps to replace your current HPS lighting without changing the lighting fixture, which save money and labor cost a lot, please consider our LED corn warehouse lights designed specified for HPS replacement.


If you have any questions about retrofit your existing HPS bulb to LED, you can directly contact with us by email.


Here are some information about High pressure sodium lamps replacement for your reference:


HPS Power output  TEK LED corn warehouse light  TEK LED high bay warehouse light
35W HPS 12W LED corn warehouse light  
50W HPS 15W LED corn warehouse light  
70W HPS 20W LED corn warehouse light  
100W HPS 30W LED corn warehouse light  
150W HPS 40W LED corn warehouse light  
200W HPS 50W LED corn warehouse light  
250W HPS 60W LED corn warehouse light 80W LED High bay light
310W HPS   150W lED high bay light
400W HPS   200W LED high bay light
600W HPS    
750W HPS    
1000W HPS    

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